imah Berita Hiburan Pikasediheun '1984' Bakal Mangsa Terpendak AHS Kantos

'1984' Bakal Mangsa Terpendak AHS Kantos

by Timoteus Rawles

Some may like it, some may not, but AHS: 1984 will have its season finale on November 14, making it the shortest season for the series so far.

1984 nyaeta weirdest concept ti mimiti Roanoke, some even suggest this year’s twist is that the whole thing is actually a VHS movie.

Now in its ninth season, 1984 starts out as a throwback to slashers of the neon decade, with not one, but dua killers stalking camp counselors through the woods in an old abandoned campground which is scheduled to reopen to kids the next day.

As is expected with genre boilerplates, counselors are picked off one-by-one in a variety of ways, each with as much blood as possible.

Fans have been divided because as with most Murphy productions, things aren’t always as they seem and it becomes unclear who the real killers are, veering the series off into all kinds of directions.

With its brevity, viewers hankering for answers will only have to wait a few more weeks.

In comparison,  Rajapati House had 12 episodes, Suaka had 13 episodes, Coven had 13 episodes, Freakshow had 13 episodes, hotel had 12 episodes, Roanoke had 10 episodes, Kultus had 11 episodes, and Apocalypse had 10 episodes.

Although some major players are absent from this season: Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, it gives others a chance to shine in their place. Special note should go to Gus Kenworthy and Pose’s Angelica Ross.

American Horror Story airs Thursdays at 10 pm on FOX. Klik di dieu leuwih wincik. 

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